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Jessie Bachelder

I’m sure somebody has already bought that truck, seeing as how it practically looks brand new! That crack on the windshield is a minor detail that can easily be remedied. That is quite a beauty. And what’s great about it is that it seems like the original chrome trimming is still in place!

Clorinda Disimone

Getting a truck is a good idea, especially in your case. The Ford F100 is a classic beauty. I remember my dad driving around town with this. Ahh, so did you get it?


Update: Though I still lust for the truck, I am following the wise advice of a dear friend and rare gentleman who spends the majority of his time testing and reviewing automobiles and motorcycles for major consumer magazines and newspapers, and that is, "Run. Run, my dear as fast as you can, run far AWAY from it." Thanks, Jim, I owe you.

Aunt Grayce

Come on...did you get the truck? Dont leave me wondering.

Gerard Van der  Leun

Well now, little lady, that thar truck is mighty purty. Shucks, it jes' calls out like a calf what lost its momma fer a slinky little cowgirl like you to saddle it up and ride it off into the sunset.

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