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I absolutly love Laguna Beach. My favorite person is LC. She's gorgeous and has an awesome personality. I like how she finally punks Jason and don't take his stuff anymore! Her house is so big and nice. She deserves someone who will treat her good. And I think that Jason was right for her. Not until he gets caught kissing his exgirlfriend Jessica, who I hate. I think Kristen is really pretty, but she's totally mean. I wait every Monday night to see this show, and am excited to see a new episode next time.


I still think Kristin is a total bitch.


I love the show, I think its totally cool and Stephan is super hott!


I love the show, I think its totally cool and Stephan is super hott!


I think Talon is incredebly hott. I wish I could be with him.


I have a friend that went to califnornia and met a kid who went to school with those people and said half the show was staged and that kristen isn't bitchy at all in real life


I Am so obsess with Lauren (LC) she is so cool and fab her style is also cassual


Actually, it is a pretty accurate portrayal of a teenager's life (not just teenagers in Laguna Beach, mind you). Obviously the criticism is coming from an adult who was a social outcast as a teenager. All we do is party, school is what happens in between. Get use to it.


I am literally obsessed with the show Laguna Beach! I am even more obsessed with Kristin! I wear black choker..got my hair cut the same..she so freakin awesum..she bitchy then super wild!I love it!


LOL, funny. You better move. I grew up in Laguna Beach and that is a pretty accurate potrayal of what some people live like there.

Gerard Van der Leun

Oh, that is great. Really great, and I don't say that just because I am who I am.

It also saves me the trouble of writing about it because, well, you do it so much better. And because just thinking about it makes my teeth flame up.

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